Emerald Enhancement Pricing for the Excel Process


Pricing based on factors such as:


1.  Number of carats

2.  Quality of gemstone

3.  Special Handling


CEL Has A $100.00 Minimum Per Invoice.




The Price Per Carat Starts At $100.00





Emerald, by its very nature is a frail and delicate gemstone. To that end, Clarity Enhancement Laboratory LLC, takes every precaution possible in the processing and enhancing of an emerald. Our services adhere to the highest of industry standards. Given the complexity of emerald enhancements, however, no one can accurately assess or predict the condition or state of merchandise received.

Therefore, the client agrees to take full responsibility for, and to hold Clarity Enhancement Laboratory LLC., its employees and agents harmless from any and all injury, loss, damage, or destruction of merchandise entrusted for enhancement while in the possession of Clarity Enhancement Laboratory LLC.

The client entrusts the above merchandise to Clarity Enhancement Laboratory LLC. under the full understanding that emeralds possess inherent and extrinsic factors that may compromise the very nature of the merchandise. Therefore, Clarity Enhancement Laboratory LLC, its employees and its agents shall not be held liable for any damage, or expense cause by internal procedures.

Clarity Enhancement Laboratory LLC. fully acknowledges that the merchandise(s) being entrusted by client is for exclusive purposes of cleaning and enhancing ONLY. In no way will this be seen or accepted as like value in deposit.


All insurance is responsibility of client.